First article

Dear visitor,

This is my first article online, ever. I’m very excited about my decision to write a blog on my journey to financial independence. It has been on my mind for quite some time now, but I finally pulled the trigger. I’m sure it will be an adventurous journey with steep hills and valley lows, feelings of satisfaction and regret, and thoughts of conceit and humbleness along the way. At times of fear and panic in the stock markets, I’ll have to be prepared to walk alone, strengthened by the words of wise investors who took the path towards financial independence before me. While at times of greed and hysteria, lots of people will rush in the stock markets to chase the hottest companies which hopefully will make me walk on with gentle pace. Are you still with me? 😳

I really feel passionate about dividend investing as it gives me the time to build a portfolio of stakes in long existing, terrific companies. Diversification by investing in various sectors and companies in different maturity stages reduce my risk of significant loss in capital and dividend income. At the contrary, substantial price increases of the stocks that I own, leads to accumulating my wealth; I win. When stock prices fall bigly, I have the opportunity to average down or buy stakes in other terrific companies which lead to an increase in my dividend income; I win. Don’t you just love this money game?

So, what’s this blog all about? Well, if you just let me… I’ll share my buys and sells on this blog as well as my thoughts on dividend paying companies and my personal pitfalls regarding to investing. Periodically, I’ll also write about my progress towards financial independence by informing you about the increases in my dividend income and wealth accumulation.

Hopefully, visitors will feel encouraged to comment on my articles as exchanging our ideas and thoughts will sharpen our minds. I certainly do not pretend to know everything, or even… to know anything. There’s only one thing that matters for me and I think for other investors in this regard and that is: “How to become a better investor?”

Well, that’s it for now. It’s time to walk the talk. So, I’ll pick up my bag to continue my journey, step by step. I’m sure that I’ll meet some interesting fellow travellers along the way.

(End of Prelude) ☺️

2 thoughts on “First article

  1. Hi Glenn, I’ll be looking forward to following along on your journey. Welcome to the dividend blogging community! Congrats on getting the site up and running. I like what I see thus far.


  2. Engineering Dividends, thanks for your positive feedback. I’ll be sharing my buys, sells, progress and thoughts. It’s amazing to already see how blogging keeps you focused on your strategy and brings you in contact with people committed to the same goal. Thanks again!


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