$$$ 136% Increase YoY In Passive Income For 2017/11 $$$

Finally, I have some time to write a blog post. Time does fly! This blog post, as the title suggests, is about my progress in dividend income for the month of November. The year 2018 has almost come to an end. Next year is going to be as excited and turbulent as 2018. At least, I hope so… Because with turbulence comes oportunities for our DGI community. But first, the numbers for the month of November.

Income numbers

The total amount of dividend income in the month of November was $230.73. This is my second monthly dividend income above the $200 threshold after the month of August. I like to see my income passing all kind of psychological numbers like $100, $200, $250, etc. It’s very encouraging, because these numbers look past the horizon when you just start with dividend growth investing. Only one company paid me more than last quarter as as consequence of a raise: good ol’ Realty Income with an increase of $0.01 ☺️. My dividend income for this month was divided by payments of 9 well-known and great companies:

Apple (AAPL) – $16.06

Abbvie (ABBV) – $9.60

CVS Caremark (CVS) – $2.00

Delta Airlines (DAL) – $8.05

Realty Income (O) – $3.75

Omega Healthcare (OHI) – $66.00

Starbucks (SBUX) – $16.92

Tanger Factory Outlets (SKT) – $38.85

AT&T (T) – $69.50

This makes the total amount of dividend income for this month a nice $230.73. My dividend income for the month of August 2018 was $209.12 so that’s an increase of 10% QoQ. Always nice to see a double-digit growth number here, although I’m more interested in the YoY growth.

YoY Growth

My passive income for November 2017 was $97.84 so that’s an increase of 136% YoY. This means a triple-digit growth number, I love it! Abbvie paid me my first dividend of $9.60 and my income from AT&T increased from $57.50 to $69.50 YoY. I’m very excited to have Abbvie and Starbucks in my basket. They’ll average up my dividend growth numbers. The dividends of OHI, SKT and T are the big ones this month. Here is the graph that shows all monthly dividends YTD as compared to last year:


Buys In November

During November I added to my positions in Altria (MO) and AT&T (T). I bought 16 stocks of Altria at a price of $53.58 on November 28th and 29 stocks of AT&T as cheap as $30.28 on November 16th. Happily, these buys also lowered the average price of both positions. I always like that as it will increase my total return as I plan to never sell these positions.

In summary, November was a good month with solid growth numbers YoY and additions to my positions at very attractive prices. I’ll post my progress for the month of December this weekend.

Happy investing!

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