**Triple Digit Growth Numbers In October; A 388% Increase In DGI YoY!**

The last couple of weeks I read blogs of other members of the DGI community to see how the month of October turned out. In many cases our DGI colleagues keep pushing forward by getting nice dividend increases, buying quality companies and hitting new milestones. The snowball is getting bigger and bigger. Let’s see what results I booked in October.

The Numbers

My dividend income for October was $166.05. In this month I got several raises as compared to the dividend payment three months ago. Realty Invome (O) paid me a penny more for every share than last quarter. This month also included the increased dividend from Altria (MO) – $0.80 for every share I own. Finally, the Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) paid me CAD 0.85 instead of CAD 0.82 per share. This sums up to:

Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) – $29.12

Kimco Realty (KIM) – $58.50

Altria (MO) – $31.20

Realty Income (O) – $3.75

Philip Morris (PM) – $6.84

Ventas (VTR) – $36.34

This makes the total amount of dividend income for this month a nice $166.05. My dividend income for the month of July 2018 was $165.45 so that’s an increase of exactly 0% QoQ. ☺️ My passive income for the month of October in 2017 was $34.02 so that’s an increase of 388% YoY. Wow, that’s quite a growth rate! Here is the graph that shows all monthly dividends YTD as compared to last year:

EF90800A-648D-4C83-8652-3519AD4DF9DD.pngLooking Forward

Hopefully the wild swings in stock prices remain for a while; BREXIT, the trade war between USA and China, oil supply/prices and rising interest rates are big macro economic issues. There is nothing better to see the stock prices of high-quality dividend paying companies getting dragged down on days of bad news items for the stock market in general. I’ve got my eyes on BLK, ITW, MO, SWK, TXN and XOM.

Happy investing!

4 thoughts on “**Triple Digit Growth Numbers In October; A 388% Increase In DGI YoY!**

  1. I am new to DSI. I feel confused when people in DSI said YoY increased a lot. How much more have you invested compared with last October when you achieve a 388% YoY increase? Did you invest 300% more?


    • Hi Iris, that’s a good question. I don’t track my allocated capital on a QoQ or YoY base. It’s true that in the first years of DGI the increase in dividend income comes mostly from allocating fresh capital. A typical good dividend paying stock increases their dividend with, let’s say, 10% on a yearly base. I try to invest at least $1.000 per month.


      • I understand the logic behind the growth dividend. But without the initial capital and the money invested, it is hard for me to evaluate the performance of blogs. People in the DGI community use YoY dividend as the only evaluation criteria.


  2. Those are nice numbers!
    I also will track my dividend income with yoy increase next year (2018 was my first year as DGI), but I do not use it to evaluate other blogs. It‘s just very inspiring to see the strategy work.


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